Stay at Home Book Tag

Hi everyone! I was tagged in the Stay at Home Book Tag! Being tagged always makes me feel so happy so I was thrilled to see this one! Thanks Aries @ Writeous Baby for tagging me!

Laying in bed — A book you read in one day

After reading The Cruel Prince, I was addicted. I finished the audiobook for The Wicked King in a day. Then I wished I hadn’t finished it so quickly. Of course, there was a cliffhanger. And of course, the last book in the series had not been released yet.

Snacking – A book that is a ‘guilty pleasure’ read

The Selection is just a fun read! There isn’t a lot of substance to it and I hate the name America Singer, but it’s still super enjoyable!

Netflix — A series that you want to start

I have been really into mysteries lately and I keep hearing about Truly Devious a lot. Also, I am obsessed with the the colors on the covers for the series!

Deep clean — A book that has been on your TBR for ages

The Final Empire has been on my TBR since 2014… I bought this series a couple weeks ago so I can hopefully finally read it this year!

Animal Crossing — A book you recently bought because of the hype

I love The Hunger Games so I had to buy The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, even if I wasn’t thrilled about the character Collins chose to feature. The reviews have been VERY mixed, which has made me very nervous to read this.

Productivity — A book you learned from or had an impact on you

I am actually still reading Rising Strong (I get through non-fiction pretty slowly), but this book inspired me to actually start my blog. This book encourages you to take risks and not be afraid of failure but accept that anyone who achieves anything will experience failure repeatedly. I had always wanted to start a book blog but was too scared. Thankfully, this book helped me get the courage to step out of my comfort zone and start blogging.

FaceTime — A book you were gifted

I was recently gifted Scythe from my Amazon wishlist during the Spread Kindness trend on Twitter! The cover is so beautiful in person. I am so excited to read it!

Self-care — What is one thing you have done recently to look after yourself

I have been trying to make sure I get enough sleep. I noticed if I let myself not feel guilty about sleeping as much as I need, I feel so much better in every way throughout the day.

BONUS — An upcoming release you are looking forward to

I’m DYING to read Forest of Souls! This is a June release so it won’t be long before I can!

I tag: Sav @ Sav’s Review | Niamh @ You Need to Read These Books | Anne @ Irish Book Nerd | Christine @ Life With All The Books | Anyone else who wants to participate


12 thoughts on “Stay at Home Book Tag

  1. Loved The Wicked King and literally read The Queen of Nothing as soon as my copy arrived! Looking forward to reading Forest of Souls soon too! 😊


  2. i was you reading the wicked king…. when i finished i was like “but the last book wont come out for a year T.T”
    and i do recommend “truly devious” i loved the story and i listened to the whole trilogy in a row XD


  3. Ooh, I love The Final Empire and Scythe, so I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on them eventually! And I’m totally with you on The Selection being the perfect guilty pleasure read 😊 At least, the original trilogy is – somehow, I wasn’t really the biggest fan of The Heir and The Crown…


  4. The Selection is such fluff! When I read it I really enjoyed it, but looking back, I’m aware it wasn’t that great!

    And I really enjoyed the Mistborn series! Plus, there’s a spin-off series that’s really good as well! I hope you love it whenever you get around to reading the series!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah The Selection is fluff but it’s fun and I enjoyed reading too! I keep hearing great things about Mistborn. I need to just make myself read it and not be so intimidated!

      Liked by 1 person

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